Light and Heavy Vehicle Maintenance

Light Vehicle Maintenance

At Absolute Services Group when repairing light vehicles, our main role is to diagnose the problem accurately and quickly to limit the time you are without your car.
With increasingly intricate technology incorporated into vehicles, Absolute has fused sophisticated diagnostic computers and equipment into their workshops to provide you with state of the art services.
Workshops across Australia, up-to-date industry knowledge and a reputation for the utmost qualified people, make Absolute Services Group the place of choice for all your servicing needs and the approved repairer for the majority of leasing companies and new car warranty claims.

Heavy Vehicle Maintenance

With fully equipped workshops and dedicated in-house truck mechanics, Absolute Services Group can offer:

  • Mobile truck and trailer repair service;
  • Heavy duty truck repair & minor trailer repair;
  • Engine, transmission & electrical diagnosis & repair;
  • In-frame & out-of-frame engine overhauls; and
  • Preventative maintenance, brakes, suspension, steering, drive-shafts, kingpins and springs.

We work on all makes and models of trucks e.g. Cummins, Detroit, CAT, Mercedes and Volvo etc.

Field Service Maintenance
Need us on your site:

Absolute Services Group was initially established to cater for all of our own company vehicles. They then developed their team and supplier base to expand these services to clientele’s sites, catering for the light vehicle repairs on each project. This enables vehicles to stay onsite which in turn limits the downtime, costs and other hidden impacts to site operations.

With the ability to set up remote, stand-alone light vehicle maintenance workshop facilities on site, Absolute can personalise the service capabilities structure for each clientele’s requirements.

Absolute Services Group takes pride in their reputation for service and quality and this extends to all of their locations.